Quality Policy

EVERCOMPOUNDS S.p.A. was founded in October 2001, through the acquisition of the former EVERGOMMA’s mixing room.
EVERCOMPOUNDS produces rubber compounds for profiles for the building industry, automotive gaskets and sleeves, cables, technical items, household appliances, and much more.
To maintain the necessary market competitiveness EVERCOMPOUNDS must work, today even more than yesterday, not only to maintain the quality of its own products, but in order to give objective emphasis to continuous improvement in products and the relative technologies, in order to allow for the growth of the capacity to satisfy the product requirements established by the customer.

Company Management, with the collaboration of all levels of employees, commits to:

  • ensure complete satisfaction of the customer’s needs and expectation, both by providing products that meet the requested requirements and by collecting and analysing feedback
  • continuously and constantly improve and grow internal and external customer satisfaction through the adoption of a Total Quality System: Quality, Environment, Health and Safety
  • adopt a context analysis approach, implementing actions aimed at reducing risks and pursuing opportunities

The attainment of high customer satisfaction is pursued by correspondence and development of the following critical points:

  • Correspondence to the product specifications requested by the customer, with particular attention given to the functionality and workability of the same at the customer’s plant.
  • Respect for the agreed due dates, and product delivery terms and modalities.
  • Flexibility and speed in adapting to market evolutions and to changes in the customer’s needs.
  • Technological and organizational skills of the Organization.

Apart from the development of the above indicated points, EVERCOMPOUNDS also intends to pursue the maximum level of customer satisfaction, trying to foresee future requirements and needs and providing for these.

Quality for EVERCOMPOUNDS becomes, therefore, the yardstick of the effectiveness and efficiency of a series of company processes that involve all those who carry out activities within the sphere of the Organization, which are aimed at increasing the value of the product as perceived by the customer, and his final satisfaction.

In this context, process is defined as a set of linked or interacting activities that transform the incoming elements into the outgoing elements; the product is the result of these processes.

On the basis of these principles EVERCOMPOUNDS has decided to equip itself with a Quality Management System conforming to the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which specifies all the modalities, the responsibilities and the duties for the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. To improve the quality level of the products
  2. To transform the company into a project environment, where everyone can participate collectively and concretely in a process of continual innovation and improvement
  3. To create a Quality System that is not limited to keeping the product characteristics under control, but which puts into practice swiftly and with flexibility all those corrective measures and actions that can prevent problems instead of just resolving them when they appear
  4. To improve company performance in terms of:
    • controlling the processes using effective measurement indicators
    • decreasing defects and costs of non-quality
  5. Continuous staff training
  6. Planning to offer products with no compromises in terms of operator safety and respect for the environment

We consider the adoption and maintenance of the Quality and Environment Management System to be a path from which we cannot deviate. For this reason, our Company implements continuous training and sensitizing of the staff on themes of quality and the environment and allocates adequate resources for the implementation of this policy and the related objectives.
In June 2018 the transition to the UNI EN ISO 9001 edition 2015 took place, along with significant organizational and procedural changes, due to the implementation of a new management system (Blending). This new and advanced ERP software has been implemented with a view to maximizing information sharing and continuous improvement.
The transition to the new UNI EN ISO 14001, 2015 edition, took place on 21.12.2016 during the triennial renewal.

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